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hello Hello I am Victor (twitter), the founder of TheTinyAppCorporation (TTAC).

At TTAC we believe in the power of the individual, solopreneurs and small team disruptors.

TTAC is a community of professionals that love to build products and experiences. During the day we work with world class products at our regular jobs and on the weekends and late at night we follow our passions with The Tiny App Corporation - Products & Experiments.

Driven by passion means we have no pressure to ship at any cost, or build things we don't want. Passion also means the experiments are fair, healthy, slow and have enough runway to grow or fail.
In the last year we have focused on two main areas: one is mindfulness and the second is creative tools.

Mindfulness apps:

Tiny Wanders
Do nothing for 1 minute. With Tiny Wanders you can wander for 1 minute somwhere random in the world.
App: Tiny Wanders
Web: Tiny Wanders

Slow TV
Take a long slow and relaxing flight over mountains and rivers of the world with the Slow TV non stop stream.
App: SlowTV

Creative tools:

Quick Title Maker (Q1 - 2022)
Upgrade your startup movies, social posts or presentations. Turn any sentence, word or emoji into an animated title.

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